Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Arrival: Norwegian

The first of three new carriers expected at LAX arrived this month: Norwegian Air Shuttle has begun offering service from Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. They'll be parking their new B787s at the TBIT. This is currently the only direct service to these cities from Los Angeles. Norwegian Air Shuttle (callsign: Nor Shuttle) is Scandinavia's second-largest carrier, Scandinavian (SAS) being the first. Each of Norwegian's aircraft features a historically significant Scandinavian on the tail.*

* - Update: Or so we were told, anyway. Here's another one of their Dreamliners:


At the end of March, we're expecting to start seeing Saudia Airlines at the TBIT, followed by Etihad Airways in June.


  1. I love their 787 paint job - at least they are doing something interesting - I wish carriers would take more chances with their liveries!

  2. The wing flex on those Dreamliners is awe inspiring and scary at the same time. Thanks for the photo, good to know which runway they land on for the next time I am up there.