Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LAX aircraft spotters' guide: Boeing 727

 It's the end of the month and I feel the need to give you one more post for July. However, there's a construction crew with jackhammers and backhoes working just outside CaptainVector HQ (on my one day off - nice!). As a preventative measure, I've shut down all the hard drives to protect them from the incessant vibration and pounding. Thus, I took a look in the folder of drafts that have been started but never posted to see what I could find. I started work on this a very long time ago, and it seems likely that there won't be many additions, so here you go. Enjoy! - CV

This doesn't really qualify as a spotter's guide, as there rarely are any B727s to spot at LAX anymore; not even freighters. FedEx was the last regular user here, and they've quit bringing them in; the last FedEx B727s I saw here were probably a year ago, and they were here for decommissioning. One of those happened to be the last B727 built (in 1981, I believe). Nowadays, the B727s we see are all corporate or charter.


This shot is several years old; the last few times I've seen a Trump plane here, it was a B757.
As you scroll through these shots, you'll notice that a lot of them are not exactly current. The opening shot dates back to 2007 or 2008; the shot below is maybe a year or two later.

This is another shot from the time machine, taken shortly before Champion ceased operations in 2008; this was the last Champion Air aircraft seen at LAX:

Capital Cargo recently was absorbed by Air Transport International, who currently brings in a B757 each evening.


  1. I'm sure I am in the minority, but I never came to love the 727 for a variety of reasons. I'm warming up to the old girl a little now. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, perhaps...

  2. Thanks for the memories. I always enjoyed flying in a 727. Sad to see them go.