Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Each summer at LAX, we see our traffic pick up for the summer travel season. Some of that additional traffic comes in the form of service to new destinations. This year, Delta has been noteworthy for its additions. Delta now has B757 service to Anchorage, Alaska, a route formerly only served by Alaska Airlines. Both Alaska and Delta offer LAX to Anchorage service -- a five-hour flight -- on a seasonal basis; apparently nobody wants to go there from here during the winter! Another new Delta B757 destination from LAX is Seattle, Washington.

 Delta has also started to offer B737 service to Boston and Nashville

  In addition, Delta has been flying A319s to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

 Skywest CRJs have begun flying Delta service to Bozeman, Montana, as well as Seattle and Spokane, Washington

 AeroMexico has been flying to Cancun and Zihuatenejo

 Spirit has begun flying LAX to DFW

As well as LAX to Houston

American now flies B737s to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. In addition, Skywest has been flying CRJ2s in American Eagle colors to Eugene and Redmond, Oregon. Gratuitous American and Virgin Australia photo:

This one's for my friends Adrienne and Ashley: Allegiant has resumed service to Missoula, Montana


  1. Saw an Allegiant chugging out of the parking area where OZ cargo unloads. When I go to pick up the errant spouse some days there's a HA parked over where UPS parks. No space for them while they RON?

    Saw a SY coming in this morning, have they added a 2nd flight to MSP?

    1. Where to park RON (Remain Over Night) aircraft is always a shuffle at LAX. Southwest will often double-park aircraft in the D-7 alley; I saw them stack four in there a few nights ago. US Air has a maintenance ramp where they can stash a handful. Most of the other north-side parkers end up out at the west end, but occasionally LAWA gets more creative with assigning parking. Allegiant sometimes parks on the Imperial Terminal ramp; I've also seen Virgin America and JetBlue over there. However, that location is not used as often now that NCA has B747-8Fs; the B748's extra length means that NCA can't park in their usual spot on the South Pads, so instead they park on the Imperial Terminal ramp.

      The B-1 and C-1 ramps offer additional parking opportunities: Hawaiian and Delta can be seen on the B-1 ramp (adjacent to Aviation Blvd at the east end of the airport), while C-1 is anyone's guess. Besides Allegiant, I've personally seen TACA, Volaris, Delta, and Southwest (!) aircraft on the C-1 ramp. Delta has their own maintenance ramp, and Hawaiian used to park there. More recently, Hawaiian has also been parking out at the west end.

      The best times to see all the maintenance repositions are in the morning, between 7am and 10am; and late in the evening, say after 9pm. If you're listening to the ground control frequencies, you can pick out a repositioning aircraft by its callsign: They normally use their company name and gate number, e.g. American 47A or Tahiti 219.

    2. Oh, and yes - during the summer we get more than one Sun Country per day.

  2. (picture PCV1170694.JPG )
    When I looked for Zihuatenejo on, that site sent me to Zhaotong Airport (ZAT/ZPZT). However, I easily found it on Google Maps as Aeropuerto Internacional de Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo and then back to ourairports as ZIH/MMZH .

    (picture PCV1160267.JPG )
    Is Spirit flying to IAH or HOU ?

    (picture PCV1170463.JPG )
    How small the ground crew looks talking to the NCA cargo pilots! On the same picture, one sees a vehicle to the left and behind the 747-8F. You have written earlier about the trouble ADG Group VI cause manoeuvering on the field. Is this vehicle one such escort?

    (First picture PCV1170554.JPG)
    Very nice private 757 there on the ramp. Are these parked with towbar left in place?


    1. Yes, MMZH is the airline airport for Zihuatenejo. Alaska is the primary service between KLAX and MMZH, although AeroMexico and Allegiant also fly the route. I think I've seen United do it too, but it's either new or it was a one-time thing.

      Spirit flies from LAX to IAH - I think it's daily; certainly not more than once a day so far that I've seen.

      Yes, that's an airport operations vehicle (radio callsign: City Ops) standing by for the pushback and taxi. We aren't supposed to move an ADG VI aircraft without an escort. For those of you playing along at home, Airport Design Group 6 aircraft seen at LAX include the A380, the B747-8, the AN-124, and the C-5 Galaxy.

      I don't think they're parked with towbars in place; they don't appear to be when I drive past.