Sunday, June 3, 2012

More AirFrance A380

Now that we've made it through a week of AirFrance A380s, here are a few more views:

For the inaugural flight, the AirFrance A380 was parked at gate 123. Here they are at the south end of the TBIT, at gate 101.

Seen here with an Air Tahiti A340-300

Possibly another one of those only-at-LAX shots: An AirFrance A380 sandwiched between a Southwest B737-300 and a Spirit A320

AirFrance rolling for takeoff on runway 24 left, as Emirates taxis out in a B777-200

Bonus shot!


  1. nice bonus shot

    how come gate 101 is different from gate 123, was gate 101 built after gate 123?

    1. The main issue is not with the gate itself, but the ground handling getting to/from that gate; 123 is much simpler for all concerned. Getting to gate 101 either deprives us the use of runway 25 right, or requires a tug and a three-point turn, thus depriving us of taxiways Bravo and Charlie.

  2. love the bonus shot!

  3. Great Air France and Air Tahiti shot. You should title it "A Race to CDG"