Monday, June 18, 2012

It was a flock of RJs

I was working on the south side (runway 25 complex) this morning when I happened to notice this:

This is a list on our radar display of the last six arrivals on the south complex. It gives the aircraft callsign and type. What made it stand out is that they were all CRJ7s. Then I noticed this:

The next aircraft on final for 25 Left was another CRJ7. And then, at the same time, just to complete the series, we also had this:

Yet another CRJ7 was departing off runway 25 Right. And lest ye think that all I do is look at the radar displays, here's what a CRJ7 looks like out the window:

A Delta Connection (Skywest) CRJ7 taxis in as an Emirates B773 departs

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