Monday, March 12, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Sorry, but for reasons beyond my control I was unable to get to my Mac and so I'm afraid that there is no new post here. Happy Monday!


  1. You're a softie. You gently lift each kitty and place them on the sofa. Then you sit down and prevent them from getting on the keyboard, or do what my husband does, open a can of tuna and they'll get out of the chair quite swiftly.

    Lovely looking cats!

    1. Oh no - we don't use the "t" or "c" words in this house - the last thing I want is for them to get the idea that stuff for cats comes in cans!


  2. Never disturb a comfy cat...or two!!! They will get their own back on you if you do!!!

    Hope normal services will soon resume!!! a cloudy cold Liverpool!!!!

  3. That chair has wheels, just gently roll it aside!