Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shot of the day 16


  1. Ok.........Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    I asked this 'Sunrise' or 'Sunset'..................??
    what would any Aviaiton now........

    of course, looked up LAX Airport Map and google earth..........WALA

    on the outside chance.. it's a mirror of a mirror image..backwards in a forward sort of way pic.......:)

    different vantage for the night shift.......or on the day shift.....

    and Lovely shades of Orange...........

    1. Actually, this one's a bit sneaky, as I edited out a few light poles in the interest of esthetics. I took this shot from the the parking lot in front of Terminal 8, looking westward. If you look closely, you may just be able to see that the arch of the theme building is in front of the tower.

      But you are right - while this was happening, the sun was rising somewhere! (Hey, you had a 50-50 chance!)

      And yes, I like orange.


  2. Thanks for the lovely sunset picture.
    Palm trees and control towers. Doesn't get much better than that.

  3. One of the best pictures yet!


  4. Superb shot that, could be sat there, sipping a nice cold beer......or two!!!
    Difference to today here. Got a heads up that the all black ANZ 777 was due over me inbound LHR today, when I got that the forecast wasn't bad either!!! Woke this morning to fog....THANKS!!!!!!!! Every time she has been over the weather has been pants!! either that or she is a stealth 777!!!! cold and foggy Liverpool!!!

  5. John - I worked that aircraft later that night as it left for Auckland. After dark, it's a stealth!