Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Arrivals

I'm severely overdue for a post, and we have some unfinished business, but for now I'm going to show you some new things I've seen recently.

British Airways has started bringing in B777-300s from London

I don't get to see Malaysia very often, and this B777-200 was the first time I've seen them departing for Tokyo; their usual destination from LAX is Taipei.

Virgin Atlantic has been showing up with a B747-400 on their early flight this past week

Anytime we get an Antonov, it's something of an occasion


  1. I have a question for you. So I was on a flight from TBIT parked on the north side of the terminal. We taxied all the way to 25 to take off. I was wondering why we had to travel all the way to the other side of the airpot rather than a short jog down to 24? If it helps, I was in a 777-ER. I have noticed this while traveling before. Thanks!

  2. Hi there CaptainVector........I'm seriously over due to comment..........Ha..
    Love the a given!!!!

    Have you seen the new British Airways Livery for the London Olmpics.........

    British Airways Dove(the bird)'s really nice(my opinion)

    check it out....if you get a chance........maybe you'll get to the LAX!!!!!????
    Seeing the Antonov, would be such a THRILL!!!!!!!!!!


  3. There was a rumor that in additition to an AN-224, the AN-225 Mriya was going to visit LAX last year to transport a special pump truck for the Fukushima Nuclear disaster after the tsunami last year. Did this happen?

  4. That Speedbird 773 is beautiful

  5. I believe I saw that Antonov at Ontario, about two weeks ago (June 15)? Any word on what/why?