Saturday, October 22, 2011

There are times . . .

. . . when the tower is too tall!


  1. Cool pic...but seriously...what do you do when this happens? Does the airport come to a stop?

  2. Just drove back down PCH from NTD. Not bad till just into SaMo. Pea Soup on the 10 and the 405 and down Sepulveda. Ah fall at LAX.

  3. Hello,
    New here :) Found your blog in the big list of all. Very aweswome photo!

  4. Hey Captain Vector....when I first saw this picture....I thought the tower was on fire....Scared the hell outta me.....!!!!

    Thank God......Fog doesn't cut anyone slack...seems...
    Take Care

  5. It takes a lot more fog and low cloud than this to stop this airport! Admittedly, things do slow down some, but visibility has to get down to just a few hundred feet (less than 600 feet, in most cases), to really bring things to a halt at LAX. We have ground radar that lets us see where the aircraft are on the runways and taxiways. But it can't clearly paint the alleys and gates, so when we can't see out the windows, the biggest challenge is keeping track of which gates are available for arriving aircraft.


  6. I flew into LAX this Saturday, the 22nd - landed around 6pm and the fog was unbelievable!!!! The Captain told us that there was 200ft vertical visibility, but I didn't see the ground until we were right over the runway, and I was in a window seat! It was really amazing!!!!!! Then, as we taxied to the gate I saw a British Airways 747 lift off into the fog - simply beautiful! Does it get that foggy often?

    Always enjoy your posts!!! :)