Saturday, October 29, 2011

The last Qantas flight

Saturday, 9:31 am LAX time: Qantas 11 touches down on Runway 24 Left

As you have no doubt heard, Qantas has followed in the footsteps of the NBA and "locked out" its employees in response to disagreements with their unions. There are at least six stranded Qantas aircraft on the ground at LAX; so many that the airport was scrambling to find places to put them all. At least one ended up on one of the air freight ramps. The tally includes one A380, two A330s, and three B747s - and possibly more, as these are just the ones I could personally see from the tower.

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Late Sunday night update: Qantas has resumed operations, and I got a tally of aircraft on the ground at LAX: A total of nine, including the previously-mentioned A380 and pair of A330s, along with six B747s.


  1. And they think their customer base is going to come flocking back to them after this? I'd sure think twice about flying an airline that strands crew and paying passengers because their mgmt is too bull headed to go to mediation.

    Does the name Ansett ring a bell?

  2. amulbunny: The Ansett situation was different. But the result may end up being the same.

    Captain Vector: Any chance you took any photos of the Qantas "groupings"? Would enjoy seeing them. Thanks

  3. Why did the qantas flight land on 24L? Isn't 24R the landing runway in the north complex?