Friday, April 22, 2011

Another B747 arrival

I know that this is what you've all been waiting for: More B747 pictures. Here you go:

Fun fact: Although Air Force One is a B742, controllers are not required to use the term "Heavy" when talking to the aircraft.

Photo credit: I wish I could claim credit for these shots, but this arrival happened while I was at home mowing the yard. Thanks go to Bruce D. from the office for letting me show you these.

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  1. C.Vector: Thanks for the much more frequent posts! I enjoy reading your persepective, esp. since your employer and colleagues seem to make so much news these days . Yup, that B742 works like most others, but - the drivers can probably make it do things that even Boeing's engineers never thought about - and keep it in one piece. Since any airspace near this B742 is closed to everyone else, the usual spacing interals are +/- a joke. While the folks that drive this B742 probably know how to fly a go-around, Illbe that it has been a LONG time since they've done one, based on aircraft spacing. More seriously, you folks DO need some shift-based relief and R.B. knows it! Most of the worlds other providers of 365/24/7 services learned how to schedule staff a LONG time ago. What gives with the FAA? And yes, I am old enough to remember the Reagan (^uck) of ~30 years ago. Some friends and relatives got burned in that event. What I'm hearing and reading suggests that your working environment has not really changed in those >30 years and no, that does not reflect well upon the FAA. I well understand that you cannot and will not touch this subject; just know that you have friends. Lastly, you may not get a lot of comments, but I suspect that your readership is growing. Did I mention that you have friends? As long as you keep it within what is is the public domain - and absolutely true - R.B's thugs cannot touch you. Go for it!! -Craig.