Monday, May 10, 2010

The ones that got away (aka The Bloopers)

Occasionally, I have received complimentary comments about some of the photos I've shown here. In a few instances, someone will even ask how I get a good shot. My secret, as with many other photographers, is to shoot many more pictures than I will ever actually use. A good part of the work in assembling blog entries is selecting, and perhaps editing, the shots to be used. Beyond selective cropping, however, I usually don't do a lot of image editing. Some people will run every shot they intend to use through Photoshop, but I'm not one of them; apparently they have a lot more time on their hands. There have been times where I've had to delay a particular entry because I didn't yet have a suitable photo of something or other. In a few cases, I've had to resort to borrowing an image from somewhere else on the web.

The point of today's entry is just to show you a few of my shots that didn't make the cut. Most of the ones like these don't ever make it into the Mac in the first place, since if I know it was a bum shot I'll delete it out of the camera to save space and processing time. The idea for this entry goes back to over a year ago, when I was transitioning to the (then) new camera. As you'll see, it was not a completely smooth transition, and even now not all my shots are usable:

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  1. As an admirer of past photos, now I am sorely disappointed. I was hoping to see some really BAD shots.