Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary Bonus

After posting the answers to Part 14, it occurred to me that there was another anniversary plane I could show you:

Silver One marks Southwest Airlines' 25th anniversary. This B733 has had several iterations; the original was a polished fuselage, as seen in this shot. Later, the fuselage was painted silver. The photo above was taken about a year ago, and shows the transition to the canyon blue livery on the tail. It has since had winglets added, as seen in this shot. As noted by the last shot's photographer, the silver livery will be replaced by the standard blue this fall.

Once I started perusing the multitude of photos on, I realized that I could after all show you another anniversary livery that I've seen but didn't catch with the camera: The Spirit of Delta. The only time I saw this airplane was at night, and looking out the window I couldn't figure out who it was. Since then, Delta has phased out their B767-200's, so there won't be another chance to photograph it. Here's another view.

One more anniversary paint scheme that I've seen, and this one only once so far, and that again was at night: Continental 75th

As I think I mentioned earlier, there will be at least one or two more editions in the Who's That? series, maybe even three. I'll give you the next edition's title as a hint: Tails for a Cause. Stay tuned!

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  1. Now that's what commercial airliners are SUPPOSED to look like! I especially like the polished silver. Very classy.