Friday, July 10, 2009

Find the plane revealed and revised

United's gate 74, in the C-6 alley, is usually used for heavy jets such as the B747 and the B777. Occasionally, however, they'll put something smaller on that gate, as in this scenario. This shot was taken about ten minutes after yesterday's, showing the B757 that was on the gate, now pushing. The B747 on the taxiway is waiting for this gate.

In this edited version of yesterday's photo, you can see the B757's tail sticking up from behind the terminal. Thanks to the head-on angle of aircraft parked at this gate, all we can see is the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer, highlighted here. It's even harder if they happen to put an Airbus on this gate - fortunately they rarely do.

For comparison, here's a shot of the same gate with a B772 on it.


  1. I still think there's another plane hidden down there. What's that to the left?


  2. The other things sticking up are antennas, cameras, or light poles that are mounted on the roof of the terminal building. Directly to the left of the highlighted tail in the second photo is a camera mounted on a pole; it's easier to see in the third picture.