Friday, July 17, 2009

Bird Strike!

Thanks to US Airways putting their Airbus in the Hudson river, everyone is now aware of the danger of birds. In case you missed that little news item, here's a summary:

I've hit birds as well, with airplanes, pellet guns, trucks, and now . . .

My mountain bike!

There would've been pictures except that the phone (with its built-in camera) ended up in the mighty raging LA River. Okay, maybe that's overstating it just a little . . . how about the lame, tepid, barely liquid LA River (but liquid enough to do in the phone, nonetheless). Fortunately it was the spare el-cheapo phone I carry on the bike. No permanent damage to me, the bike, or the pigeon. But I'm thinking of adding a pellet gun to the bike's equipment list . . .


  1. When you give us the latest answers, include the radio call signs. I rather wonder how some of the ones I know received their alphabetical placement.


  2. Does everything that is brought down by birds necessarily have to end up in a river? Or was this a case of copy-cat action?