Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bike Stuff

Last week, I mentioned that I'd managed to incur a bird strike on the bike. As detailed, there was no lasting damage to any of those involved, and I have yet to hear from the pigeons' lawyers. Things seem to happen in sets of three, and so today I'll wrap up the set with a couple of other bike things.

About the same time as my birdstrike, I received word from a fellow Memphis survivor, now in Austin, Texas, about his participation in the Lance Armstrong Foundation LiveStrong Challenge as part of Team ATC. I'm supporting his efforts, and invite you to do the same. Team ATC

Coincidentally, this column about bikes made from bamboo appeared on one of my favorite web sites: Bamboo bikes I've never knowingly seen a bike made of bamboo (nor a plane, for that matter). I know it's popular as a replacement for hardwood in flooring, and probably has related applications. Oddly, I've also seen it in clothing; some socks I picked up at Target a while back had bamboo fibers in them, although I couldn't tell the difference.

That's enough for now - I'd better go get on the bike before the summer heat really kicks in again.

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