Monday, November 21, 2022

Dual taxi in the D-9 alley

A recent comment asked about dual-taxi in the D-9 alley. This photo illustrates the D-9 alley with a dual-taxi operation taking place. The alley is marked with a taxi centerline, as well as east and west lines. This feature allows two flows of traffic in the alley, such as seen here, with one coming in and another heading out. It is also possible to have two lines of aircraft outbound or inbound. The restriction on this operation is determined by the aircraft types involved; A320-series and B737-series are the largest types that can safely use the east and west lines. Anything larger, such as a B757, has to use the center line:


 Here's another shot that better shows the three taxi lines:



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  1. Thank you, Captain Vector! I was the reader that previously commented on D-9. Appreciate your taking time to post a photo of the operation in action. Very reminiscent of the D-5 alleyway during the height of the UA Shuttle. As I recall, the taxilane lines for the dual operation also did not lead out to/lead from the Charlie taxiway line.