Monday, May 24, 2021

Look at that, vol 2! aka: Oh no, not more airplane photos!

This B767 was a new addition to someone's cargo fleet; I wonder where they got it?

This may have been the last arrival of the "Hand in Hand" Hello Kitty B777 at LAX. This aircraft was due to be repainted this month, and EVA announced that it would be returned to their standard livery.

WestJet has yet to return to full service at LAX

This happens to be the first A330neo that I've seen at LAX. It landed and taxied straight to Delta's maintenance ramp. The crew told me that it had just come out of COVID storage. It has since entered scheduled service. Easiest way to discern an A330neo from the older models is the blended wingtip winglets


  1. great photos thanks! I'm always fascinated by the airlines I've never heard of before.