Friday, October 19, 2018

Photo Friday

I'll start this edition of Photo Friday with this morning's view to the west from the control tower. Hidden between the two parking garages is another construction site, this one in preparation for the people mover that will run down the center of the terminal complex. Beyond the roof of the TBIT, you can see the MSC project coming along. Better shots of that below:

And here's an update on the Terminal One construction. The concrete is coming in for Gate 12B; the jetway is already in place. The Terminal One point Five project is still a hole in the ground, but work is underway for the connection to Terminal One:

This week's bonus shots come to you courtesy of an anonymous coworker. I usually leave my camera at the tower in case somebody sees something interesting and has a chance to get a shot. When I uploaded the memory card this afternoon, I saw this shot:

I didn't see any thing really noteworthy at first, but then I looked at the next one:

This one looks worthy of a snappy caption, so please send in your suggestions via the comment form and I'll share them with you next week!


  1. How about "Giving the aircraft a scratch on the chin before departure"

  2. Making sure everything is correct. Ladders are helpful to make last minute inspections. Safe journey, Delta!

  3. Let me get this one last screw tight and should be good to go.

  4. Are you sure this is where you left your wallet?

  5. I can't wait to see the next thing we have to find on our scavenger hunt...

  6. How about "giving the aircraft a scratch on the chin before it's next flight"?