Monday, July 11, 2016

This side up

I can't help but wonder if somebody is worried that their pilots won't know which way to fly their airplane!


  1. There is a whole class of puns using registration prefixes. The new(ish) registry of the Island of Man was specifically chosen as M- and not, say VP-M for this reason alone. There is an Agusta flying around registered M-ONEY !
    Now, Captainvector, can you tell us something about the new ramp which appeared on Google Maps, south of the West remote stands? I think I first saw it on an picture.
    I used to regularly check a webpage on the site of that regularly posted pdf publications about construction projects. That site seems to have gone dormant.
    The last thing I know is about the work on the treshold of 24L, which I remember was in a posting about a C-17 landing.
    I know nothing about the rebuilding of 24R. How is the T4-TBIT connector coming along?

  2. The little one must be an Aggie plane.