Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2015! I'll start the new year off with a collection of noteworthy heavy jet shots taken over the holidays. These first don't seem so notable at first, until you consider that we hardly ever get Delta or United B747s at LAX anymore. These two both showed up and then left again on the same day.

KLM still brings in a daily B747. This one is marked to commemorate their 95th anniversary:

Next, the latest carrier to replace their B747s at LAX with B777s:

China Airlines (callsign: Dynasty) has recently started operating B777s between LAX and Taipei

Air Canada's Rouge normally operates A319s at LAX, but during the holiday season they've also shown up in a B767:

Besides the Rouge B767, also notable in this shot is the TACA Airbus; we don't see this livery at LAX much anymore; most of the TACA aircraft we see now bear the new Avianca paint scheme

Gratuitous dragon photo:


  1. The Delta 747 brought Florida State's football team to play in the Rose Bowl, and the United 747 picked up UCLA's football team and took them to their bowl game.

  2. Happy New Year, Captainvector!
    Is that an ABEX 767 at the Flight Path museum?

  3. Heads up, Captain Vector!
    China Eastern (MU) begins B777-300ER service to LAX Thursday, 15Jan. This arrival will also mark the LAX debut of the new MU color scheme.