Sunday, January 18, 2015

First rain of the new year

Winter brings some beautiful sunrises at LAX. This one wasn't particularly spectacular, but it was paired with this:

The forecast called for rain, but it's unusual to get to enjoy the rainbow before enduring the rain. Have no fear; we didn't have to wait long:

By early afternoon, it was all over:


  1. As I've said before I love the rain when the courses are reversed and all those big ole lumbering ladies take off to the east. I was driving east on Aviation near the FAA building when I saw a 380 climbing out through the rain. Loved it. Don't love the ones that make the tight U turn and head west right over Redondo/Hermosa. Shakes the whole house. Right now an a Jet Blue out of LGB is climbing out over us.
    Thanks for the pictures. I heard there is more of the wet stuff to come...bring it on!!!!

  2. Hope this helps with the drought.
    On picture Pcv1240613.JPG I count eight aircraft on Bravo. Are these all in the departure queue for 25R? How many were in front, out of the picture? The first aircraft looks like a Bombardier in United colors, followed by a Delta 737. Then an American 777, a United 737 ( with another American 777 taxiing out on Charlie - going to the end of the line? ). The next aircraft looks like an E-jet, followed by an American 737. Way back, past Uniform, a Cathay 777 is taxiing in, followed by another E-jet. Did those aircraft land on the North complex?
    On the same picture, we see the framework for the connection building rising. Will this building block the view of the last stand on the TBIT?
    On the next picture Pcv1240609.JPG there are 'only' six aircrafty visible on the taxiways. Are the Virgins coming or going?


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