Friday, May 16, 2014

More found photos

It's amazing how once you notice something, all of a sudden you see a lot more of the same thing. More from the "found photos" file.


  1. Thanks for more fun pix. I'm certainly no expert and I often do not understand your motivation for publishing some shots, but most are great NTL. Have a laugh on me! Despite knowing exactly what you do, it took a while for the brain to understand why most pix had the same perspective and often a soft blue tint. Of course (duh!) you are shooting from the tower's control cab and often with the shades pulled down. Most of the teasers are beyond me, but I do get a few of them; not bad for someone with nearly zero understanding of big airport ground operations. The only thing I remain curious about is whether in mid-2014, ground movements of the super biggies (A380 and B748) remain a cumbersome as they were a couple of years ago. In the early days, reports seemed to indicate that taxi operations for an A380 nearly shut down everything else on that side of your little landing field. Has it become any easier to move these aircraft? Do they still require escorts and observers fore, aft and on both sides to travel from their gates to the assigned runway? I enjoy your site and best wishes - CG.

  2. Do you remember why the runway was out of action in that screenshot in the middle? What kind of impacts does that have on aircraft movements around the airport? Does it get quite clogged very quickly?