Thursday, May 15, 2014

Found photos

 I was wandering through the directory of a hard drive this morning, and ran across some photos that weren't where they were supposed to be. It's a safe assumption that I wanted them for something, but don't remember now what that was. So here they are, in no particular order.


  1. Are you expecting us to guess their significance?

  2. The second picture, P1170954.JPG is from the the sequence documenting the COPA jet that broke the towbar.

    The last one, picure FB8180030.JPG with the battleship-grey United 757 must be particularly old. There is construction on taxiway Hotel (or possibly, of taxiway Hotel). The The real focus of the picture is the portaloo!
    The one before, FB5150202.JPG is also an old pic, featuring a Northwest A320 in clownshoe colors. I think the Air France livery has been modernized since then, too, something about the lettering.


    1. Good eye -- the last shot actually does show the early stages of the Taxiway Hotel construction. Also noteworthy in that shot is the "Flying Colors" Delta B767-400 -- a type not often seen at LAX, even now. The Air France livery has been changed slightly recently; there are fewer stripes on the tail and the lettering is somewhat different. We don't see Air France A340s anymore, either; they've been replaced with B777-200s at LAX.

  3. Thanks Captain Vector for the found photos. What a beautiful pair of super air buses . Incredibly nice shot ,