Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shot of the day: Pop quiz

This shot is one of a series that I took for our training department. It illustrates the latest complication added to our airport restrictions. Any guesses, anyone?


  1. Maintaining separation between the A380 and smaller jets on departure?

  2. Runway inspections following each super departure?

  3. According to the Diagram you posted regarding A380 ops in a prior post, it states that only one A380 is allowed on Taxiway E east of taxiway Q. I think Q is not gone but in the photo it looks as if there are 2 A380's East of where Q used to be. Also I think there may be landing restrictions to 24L when there is A380 on taxiway E?

  4. Compound wake turbulence from two A380s taking off so close together? Especially on the plane in the middle?

  5. Thanks for the interesting posts and the stunning photos. I really enjoy the efforts you put on the blog. I am an aviation enthusiast. I listen to LAX and Socal Approach /Departure Air Traffic Control on my scanner as my hobby. Thanks to all the hard works you Air Traffic Controllers do to keep it safe for the flying community.

  6. Is an A380 allowed on the taxiway at the same one is taking off from the runway? Or is the smaller plane not able to withstand the jet blast from the 380?

  7. The Virgin A319 could depart from E8 for Runway 24L to avoid the long wait for wake turbulence and visual inspection of Runway 24L needed after the departure of the Singapore A380.

  8. I guess I am a little late with this quiz. The scene at Terminal 2 looks innocent enough with an Airbus A340-600 and a Boeing 777-300ER at the gates. The Virgin America and Southwest aircraft on the other terminals are probably also part of the background.
    So, it has to do with the two Supers on taxiway Echo (plus the A320).
    The Singapore is just across a taxiway holding line with the nose strut. Presumably, it will turn left on taxiway Victor for runway 24 Left, and not straight ahead!
    The A320 is waiting behind, then the Air France.
    If the Singapore takes off first, then the A320 will have to wait a bit, to ensure minimum safe separation.
    If the A320 could be launched first, then this waiting period is not necessary.
    Happily, taxiway Echo 8 seems designed to provide such access.
    However, is it allowed for the A320 to use that taxiway if An A380 is waiting at that holding point?
    Another possibility is to send the A320 away, allowing the two whales to take off in a row, then wait and launch the A320.
    It appears that taxiway Delta 8 can not be used for that purpose, as the tail of the Singapore hangs over the intersection.
    I suppose the controller has to wait until the Singapore is lining up before given the detour to the Virgin Atlantic.
    I checked the diagram you gave us on March 31 about A380 movement areas, but of course the new restrictions would not be on the old plan!
    On Google maps, if you turn the 45 degree view off, one can see additional ILS holdback lines. These have disappeared from the more recent view. Please tell us you still have ILS approaches!

  9. I want to say something to do with wake restrictions