Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Welcome to the shutdown

Okay, not really. There's plenty about that everywhere else. Suffice to say that your controllers are still on the job, with the expectation that we'll get paid . . . someday. In an ironic twist, there are actually more controllers on the job right now. That's because those who had vacation time are coming to work instead -- if you take time off during the shutdown, be it vacation or sick, that becomes unpaid furlough time. So most of us are cancelling our leave and coming to work because we like getting paid, even if it's not right away.

Enough of that. How about some airplane pictures:

LA County leases a pair of Bombardier CL-415 SuperScoopers for the Santa Ana wind fire season. They passed over LAX last week, on their way to deal with a large brush fire south of LA.

In other news, it seems we may not have seen the last of KLM's MD-11s after all:

Finally, a VIP arrival from nearly a month ago that I've been meaning to share:

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