Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shot of the day: Another visitor


  1. So with the 747 and the Qatari a340's, is there a mid-east delegation in town?

  2. Ooh, a Brazilia in battleship-grey! (That's two paint-schemes behind)

    I wonder wether the Emirates Jumbo visit, like the Qatar flights a few pics back, are related to aerospace or defence business in Southern California.

    When is the TBIT main hall going to open?


  3. unrelated to your picture Captain, I'm a contruction worker working at the new TBIT. I've been working construction on LAX property for the past 7 years. I love airplanes and consider being a privilege working at LAX as our work nears the end. I always watch the airplanes any chance I get and love admiring them up close when they are parked at their gate. But there is one airplane that has me wondering who it belongs to. It is an all white plane that has 3 engines in the back. Medium sized plane with a pointy nose. Was told that it belongs to Northrop Gruman for testing equipment. Not an everyday occurence I believe. If you would happen to know which plane I'm talking about, would you mind enlightening me with some information on what it is and does. Thank you very much. And I really enjoy your site. Manny

    1. That would be N289MT
      A discussion about the aircraft (and some similar test aircraft) you can find here
      You can find more pictures of her, quite a few of them at LAX, on that site.
      Just type the reg into the site's photo search feature, or in the above article, click on the thumbnail. When the picture comes up, in the box with info there is a clickable link.
      In addition to the fighter-jet nose, there are quite a bit more strange appendages to N289MT, like a teardrop-formed blister at the window line, and a strangely shaped canoe under the fuselage, which only appeared in 2012.
      -- Filip

    2. @Manny The plane you are referring to is almost certainly Raytheon's Voodoo One, a 727-223, registration N289MT. It is used as a flying radar testbed.