Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bisy Backson

Gon out



(with apologies to A.A. Milne)


  1. Hi there, I was at In 'n' Out for the BA A380 yesterday and everyone was speculating about which runway the plane would land on. I always thought that tower directed "event" flights to the runway adjacent to In 'n' Out (sorry, don't know the name) because they know that bird nerds will be there, eagerly waiting for the plane. Do you ever try to do that for the plane fans?

    1. Actually, runway assignments hardly ever take plane spotters into consideration . . . sorry.

      Runway assignments at LAX are sometimes funny things. Until just recently, the north side has been the preferred arrival runway for A380s because of the amount of hassle they presented on the south side of the airport. Now that the west side of the TBIT has opened up, it is not as critical for an A380 to arrive on the "correct" side of the airport. Inbound aircraft that are known to have an occupied gate will sometimes be directed to the opposite side of the airport so that the ground controllers have more opportunities to "stash" the airplane somewhere until its gate opens up. Retirement flights are also put on the opposite side from where they park so that the rescue trucks have space to give them a water salute.