Monday, August 5, 2013

What's wrong with this picture?

Time for what seems to be everyone's favorite feature: What's wrong with this picture?  This shot was taken a couple of mornings ago during one of our busy periods, and shows part of the south side of the airport: That's Terminal 4 in the foreground. So, what's wrong with this picture?


  1. Does it have it something to do with the copa jet?

  2. I first thought the American 757 (with winglets, and in old paint) appeared to cross while the Delta 777 was still on RWY 25R. But they are both on TWY H preparing to cross 25R, no issue there.

    The real focus of the picture seems to be the COPA 737 sitting on TWY B. Two persons appear to confer with the pilots, the towbar is still laying ready, and all kinds of vehicles are parked on the green painted area between Pappa and Charlie 10. Is the first one an aircraft tractor?

    The mommy van going west and the big van going east appear to be just passing by, like the toy tractor with the train of LD3 containers.

    Finally, the American 737 with new paint appears to pull into the gate without a tracor. A previous 'What's wrong with this picture? ' mentioned that aircraft had to be pulled into the gate with a tracor, but apparently this is not the case for all.

    The red fence partition appears to be construction fencing. Is the small awning there where a short bus is waiting, the bus gate for AA's RJ terminal?

    Completely unrelated: I discovered a Caravelle in Google Maps oblique view at KVNY.


  3. Two aircraft on the active runway?

  4. No tug connected to the tow bar on the Continental 737

  5. What's with all of the congestion around the nose gear of the UA 737? Am I close?