Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's wrong with this picture, revealed

As many of you have noted, this Copa B737 has lost its tug. This unusual turn of events took place while two ground trainees and a tower trainee were working the south side of the airport, and it made for an interesting training session. What's not shown in any of the pictures, because I didn't have the camera ready, is that when the tug initially died, the tug/aircraft combination were right in the middle of the intersection that is seen just behind the tail of the aircraft in this shot. For those of you who don't know, that is Taxiway P -- and it's the most heavily-used crossing point on the south side of the airport: Most of the Runway 25 Left arrivals cross 25 Right via Taxiway P.  The disabled tug blocked the intersection for about five minutes before the driver managed to get it to move just enough to pull the B737 out of the intersection, which is where we see it in this photo. It was another ten minutes before a replacement tug arrived on the scene:

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  1. That must have been fun rerouting the incoming traffic around it.

    Who has the 747 sitting over on the west side FBO? Is it a UAE plane? Must be nice to have your own 747 to come to LA and play. I once saw a Saudi Flight come in and it was met by a limo, all the ladies were not wearing hijabs or abayas. Freedom time.