Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer returns

It's mid-June, and we're now well into the summer travel season. This means a number of additional flights, some added destinations, and that our seasonal carriers have returned. Among these is Air Berlin, who parks at the International Terminal and operates flights to Berlin and Dusseldorf on alternate days using A330-200s.

Alitalia uses B777-200s on service from/to Rome, Italy, and parks at Terminal 2.

Arkefly also operates out of Terminal 2 with B767-300 service between Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

KLM offers year-round service from Amsterdam, using B747-400s. This summer, like last summer, they have added an additional flight using MD-11s. Sadly, also like last year, this may be the last hurrah for these aircraft, as the KLM MD-11s are being retired. Some of the ones we saw at LAX last year have already been scrapped.


  1. I guess it's the end of the passenger MD-11 then. They lasted twenty years in service. I noticed that KLM also have the 777-300ER in service. Do they 'bedevil' you too, or do they stick to the 747-400 for now?

    Did you ever see the City Bird MD-11s, or was that before your time? City Bird was Belgian airline that went bust in 2001. They had a very nice dark green livery. When one of their MD-11s had to go into maintenance, they leased a World Airways MD-11 which had a 'reverse' livery, white fuselage with green lettering.

    One continuous source of wonderment is the lack of flights from Belgium ( BRU ) to the US West Coast. After Citybird, VG Airlines briefly tried that route, before folding too. They used Airbus A330-200s from defunct SABENA.

    1. KLM does not (yet) bring B777s to LAX on a regular basis, although I have seen them bring a B772 at least once.