Monday, June 10, 2013

Shot of the day: American B777-300

Today, American introduces their new B777-300 service between LAX and London. They already operate the route with B777-200s, and British Airways and Air New Zealand already operate B773s on that route, but American is the first domestic carrier to bring the B773 to LAX. I'm cheating a little bit here, as I should be at home asleep when this flight actually happens; these photos were taken back in March, when American showed up for the first time at LAX with a B773. Photo credit goes to AO for these shots.


  1. what terminal do they park it at, does it fit at terminal 4?

    1. The only American gate that can handle the B777-300 is Gate 41 (Terminal 4). It's yet another "doesn't fit" scenario: When AAL parks a B773 at 41, gate 105 becomes unusable. If there's an aircraft already on gate 105, then the AAL B773 can't go onto gate 41 until 105 is vacant. In addition, the aircraft on gate 104 cannot push off the gate into the alley, but must instead push out onto Taxiway C.

  2. I'm still not sure I like AA's new livery, but that sure is a L O N G airplane! Is the 773 one of the handful that give you folks some runway clearance problems at times?