Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wake Turbulence cheat sheet

 Some time ago, I did a series on Wake Turbulence. Times change, but wake turbulence is still a fact of life for controllers. Recently, we were given quick reference cards for wake turbulence separation standards. For those of you playing along at home, I present them here.

The FAA is currently researching reduced wake turbulence separation standards to allow greater airport capacity. This is being done by re-categorizing aircraft into six categories, up from the current five. A test program is underway in Memphis, home of Fedex, who operates a great number of wake turbulence aircraft. See this recent Flying magazine article.

For an airline pilot's thoughts about wake turbulence, read this posting at JetHead.


  1. Years ago I was just lifting off from San Carlos (just south of SFO) in my Citabria when the controller advised me of wake turbulence from a huge buzzard that was passing ahead of and above me. Yeah, it was a slow day.


  2. I'm a little behind in reading my magazines. In the February, 2013, edition of Flying, Les Abend (who flies a B777) describes a mid-Atlantic wake turbulence encounter: