Friday, April 5, 2013

Flying the flag

After the flurry of activity in February, in which I had the personal goal of a new post every day, it's been pretty slow here on Ye Olde Blogg. In addition to the 500 posts milestone, the blog reached its unheralded five-year anniversary last month. Lots of things are going on at the moment, both at work and away, which have conspired to distract me from regular posting. Here's hoping that I can return to some consistency this month. 

We'll start with another look at the new American livery. Funny thing I noticed in this shot: the orientation of the pseudo-US flags on the tails. American has the field along the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer, while US Airways has the field on the viewer's left - exactly opposite.

1 comment:

  1. The American view makes more sense to me. If it were an actual flag on a flagpole, the field of stars is adjacent the pole, and streams out in the wind. For a vehicle you'd normally see it streaming out to the rear in the apparent wind as the vehicle moves forward. Obviously planes don't fly flags this way, but slower vehicles certainly do. So the US Airways flag is portraying the airplane flying backwards!