Sunday, October 7, 2012

One final set of shuttle shots

Okay, okay -- I know this is becoming a dead horse, but when you've taken nearly 600 photos, there are bound to be more than a few worth sharing. This will be the last set, I promise; thanks for your forbearance.

NASA folks arrived ahead of the shuttle on this DC-9; after the Endeavour arrival, they headed home again

Climbout after the north side fly-by

The south side fly-by

Climbout after the south side fly-by

Based on some of the comments, some of you guys are in these photos; see if you can find yourselves!

Passing south of the airport on downwind, before landing

The final moment of flight

The awaiting crane, days beforehand

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  1. Hey,CaptainVector,........We'll Never get tired of these pictures............!!!!

    This was historic, to say the least.....
    Last flight..........??!!!
    and I'll tell you what............
    I have plenty of your pics I'll be using as "Beautiful" desk top backgrounds...for many moons(yes pun)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So again,
    Thank you so much..........for these treasures!!!!

  2. Don't stop posting them (thanks for the closeup BTW). It was/is a historical moment.

    ? for you about SAM28000. when she comes in is there are C-5 with her carrying the choppers and limos? One time when the pres was coming i was coming out of the cargo complex at 111th/Aviation and one flew over me landing on 25L.

    Thanks again for such great shots!!!

  3. Great shots from a unique vantage point. Found this link online from the F18 perspective.

  4. Incredible shots AND more importantly incredible aspects. These are shots the everyday schmoe is not going to be able to get. Thank You so much from a fellow photographer. GREAT silhouette!!!!