Saturday, October 27, 2012


I was scrolling through my photo archive the other day, looking for the Southwest Triple Crown One shot I used earlier this week. Along the way, I started noticing pictures of aircraft and liveries that we don't see any longer at LAX, and that seemed worth sharing.

Don't see these guys at LAX anymore

It's been several years since we've had Aer Lingus at LAX

Shanghai Cargo merged into China Cargo last year

We still have American Eagle E140s, but I haven't seen this Make-A-Wish plane in years

Two superseded paint schemes. It's been a long time too since I've seen a Delta B767-400

The final Northwest livery, modeled here on a pair of B757s

We don't see Air India at LAX anymore

The Delta Song aircraft disappeared several years ago


  1. Don't forget TED!
    Those Shanghai Cargo planes were the dirtiest and smelliest aircraft I'd ever seen. When they lit the burners the smoke poured out and just added to the streaks of dirt already on them.

  2. Any idea on when these photos were taken? I think Song has been gone for 7 or 8 years haven't they?