Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Shots - updated

The theme for today is that there is no theme. Instead, here's a selection of shots taken during the past week or so. I'll start out with a construction update:

Here are a couple of views of the taxiway construction on the south side of the terminal complex. What's happening in this area is the tie-in of the relocated Taxiway Sierra with taxiways Bravo and Charlie.

Meanwhile, on the north side, the Taxiway Delta extension is nearing completion. The relocated Taxiway Sierra also ties into Delta.

Running concurrently with the taxiway project is the Tom Bradley International Terminal project. There are now four or five big (correction: I just counted seven - see the added shot below) cranes on site, and the new roof design is well defined.

The north end of the TBIT. This shot also shows the first framework for the new roof over the terminal's center section. Compare the new roof to the heavy jets at the gates; it's clear we won't be able to see anything on the back side of the terminal - including taxiway Sierra.

Additional shot of the entire TBIT, taken today: Count the cranes!

Here's an unusual visitor: a Short 360. We see a Shorts at LAX maybe two or three times a year; this model is different from most in that it has a single vertical tail. Seen below with an American B738.

The Orbis DC-10 arrived for maintenance, courtesy of FedEx. This aircraft is a flying eye hospital and classroom. For more about Orbis, check out their website:

The late afternoon sun highlights the smoke from the tires as this Virgin Atlantic A346 touches down on Runway 24 Right.

I caught this US Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter on the ground at a local airport, where they had dropped in for a static display. This particular LAX-based aircraft is painted in a special anniversary livery, commemorating the model's 25 years in USCG service.

The Wallabies is the Australian national rugby union team. Notice the tail logo!


  1. Great pictures! I heard that they are also planning to build a midfield concourse west of the current terminal connected by a bridge?

  2. Is the airport ever NOT under construction? Next they need to jack up the tower to restore visibility.

  3. Anon - Yes, the long-term plan is to build another terminal west of Taxiway Sierra, where the American and Qantas maintenance hangars are now (I've heard that the airport's desire is to eventually remove all maintenance activities from the field). The new terminal will be connected to the existing TBIT via a skybridge over Sierra. I hope they build it high enough for the A380 to pass beneath!

    PorkPal - Ever since I started here in 2002, there's been construction of some sort or other on the field. In that time, I've even seen some areas under construction more than once! As for the tower visibility, that's become something of a hot potato. Our union rep doesn't want us to be responsible for controlling Sierra solely via cameras and monitors. Since we already manage several other areas on the airport that way, I personally don't have a problem with it. Alternatively, if we don't control it, who will? We already have complications with the airline-operated ramp towers . . .

  4. Nice pic of the Virgin A346 touching down CV!

    Thanks for showing us pics from your office and giving us info on the work and challenges of being a controller.

    Wish you could show us the inside of your tower, but since you can't I'll make do with this panoramic of JFK tower:

    At LAX, here is a link to some webcams that have been focused on the construction at TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal):
    Pics are archived so you can go back to see the progress:
    Cam 1 is between the Qantas and American hangars.
    Fixed view goes back to Feb 2010 and can adjust time by 3 hr increments.
    Panoramic goes back to March 2010
    Cam 2 panoramic is mounted on TBIT roof.

    Does anyone know of other good airport webcams?

    Eugene, Oregon

  5. The SD3-30 (S330) differs from the SD3-60 (S360) visually by sporting the twin tails. The S360 has the single tail.

    I always call 'em the Irish Concordes.