Friday, July 29, 2011

Birds of a feather

LAX serves as a hub or focus city for a number of airlines, and so it's not anything special to see a number of one airline's aircraft here at once; Air Canada, Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, Fedex, Qantas, Southwest, United, US Airways, and Virgin America all regularly have a gaggle of airplanes here. But for some of our other carriers it's not so common to have more than one plane here at once, or it may only happen once during the day. Here are some:


  1. Great pictures as always! I always notice that El Al and Emirates are usually parked on the opposite sides of TBIT whenever they are there together. Is that for security reasons to keep their passengers separated, as I am sure some their customers may have very sensitive opposing view points?

  2. I'm not sure about WS being rare to see two a/c in LAX at one time. They have quite a few flights to Canada, so even if no schedule has two flights at the same time, I'm sure if one is delayed by a little bit, there are two a/c on the ground at one time. :-)
    Great blog BTW. Please post a little more often!!!

  3. I like the China Airlines Cargo flock. A perfect picture!