Monday, December 6, 2010


The first week of December has brought some different weather, and thus some opportunities for interesting photos.

I should have checked to see if anyone on this plane was named Jonah.

I know I've shown you a bunch of fog and marine layer shots, so how about a couple more:

Volaris has started bringing in A320s in addition to their A319s. What's funny is that apparently their dispatchers don't know, because all the flight plans say "A319"

Santa 17, a special flight for Make-A-Wish, taxies out for departure.

And away they go!

Okay, a generic B747. Big deal. Actually, look at what's in the background: a B727-100. Rarely see short B727s anymore.

A couple more old birds that are becoming less common: another B727 (in this case a -200) and a 50-series DC9; both are sports team airplanes.

Big buncha Boeings, including 2 B757s, 2 B767s, and a B777

While we've been seeing Continental aircraft with the United name for a little while now, they're stll being operated as Continental flights. This B772 is the first one I've seen operated as a United flight.

And here's another different-looking United

Hey guys - How about a caption contest? If you've got an idea for a caption for this photo, post it in the comments section.


  1. United We We Stand.

  2. I wonder if I can back this thing in?

  3. NO NO NO...young man...back in TIME OUT!!!!!

  4. Head-in parking only!