Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Mystery Plane

A while back, I showed you a picture of a Sun Country airplane that they had obviously gotten from somebody else:

Well, they've done it again; this is not a great photo, but it's enough to see that this B738 used to fly for another carrier. I've held off bringing you this in hopes that I'd have a chance to get a better photo, preferably day time, of this aircraft. But since we came off of Daylight Savings Time, Sun Country's schedule seems to preclude that for the time being:

So, any guesses where this airplane came from? If so, post yours in the comments.

As a refresher, here's what we expect Sun Country airplanes to look like!


  1. The first one is from Hapagfly, a charter airline based in Germany. They belong to the holidays resort group TUI.
    I like the original paint scheme, it looks great on the 738!

  2. well captain, going out on a limb... the Sun Country jet came from....AHHHH where else.....The "S" on the tail doesn't stand for SUN, it stands for SNOW!!!! took off just down the street from the deflated Vikings dome????? jeez the paint is almost gone...ha ha Bad enough we are freezing here in South Louisiana too!

  3. Oh wait a minute, I didn't spot the Belgian flag near the tail. The plane used to belong to Jetairfly, a Belgium based airline operating for the same holidays group, TUI. They share the same paint scheme with a couple of other european airlines, like Thomsonfly and Corsair.

    Apparently, the plane used to belong to Sun Country before being sold to TUI and the borrowed back by Sun Country.

    The white one looks like an old Transavia 738, a Dutch low cost airline. I don't like much the livery...

  4. So I went for funny answer....not literally where what I thought the second(white jet) came from....still my answer remains the same!!

  5. Getjets - I actually thought about adding " ... and I don't mean MSP!" to the caption, but figured it was too much of an insider thing . . . apparently not!

    Kudos to GolfCharlie232 for correctly identifying both of our mystery planes. The blue one has indeed bounced back and forth between Jetairfly and Sun Country; the white one was indeed formerly with Transavia, having also previously been with Sun Country and Air One intermittently.

    Follow these links for photos of these airplanes in their former liveries:



    And with that, I'll be on holiday hiatus for the next week or so. Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season and a happy new year!


  6. To all of you "highflyer keepers", and highflyers yourselves a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! and keep a lookout for Santa, i mean...what if he's in one of those 10 mile race track holding patterns,as Captain Dave says, ummm, no deicing on the hoofs of those reindeer! ok, did I see just a little smirk from you, good enough..misstwa(because I do)

  7. Great work "Golfcharlie232"!!!! got the answer right...right down to the last "......Via738"! Certainly a Gold star for you, and i am NOT being sarcastic!!!!! (which,by the way is one of my specialties)misstwa

  8. CaptainVector, I hope you checked out my post from Dec.21, hoping I was right with what I was talking about....misstwa

  9. Hello there!

    By accident I stumbled upon your blog! Looks great! Too bad I didn't sooner; I could have won the Kudos!
    I work(ed) for both Airlines (transavia.com & JetairFly)and am familiar with both aircraft. Have lots of hours on the ZI, since transavia.com is my employer. Small world indeed!

    Best Regards

  10. Thanks, and welcome aboard!

    Aviation is a small world.