Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recent arrivals and a follow up

Sorry guys, not much happening on the ole blog this time around -

Thanks to a recent certification (congrats Yoda!), my overtime for this week was cancelled, and that means . . . a 2-day weekend. Whoopee!!! Time to paint the pink bedroom! And the appliances are supposed to be delivered today also; I think I'm doing my part to invigorate the economy: dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, garage-door opener, lawnmower . . . in addition to the afore-mentioned gallons and gallons of paint, with all the accessories.

The follow-up: In response to some of my recent entries, I've received some (unpublished) comments about runway safety at LAX and airborne wake turbulence. While neither request will be addressed in today's entry, I am working on responses and/or giving them consideration for possible future columns.

Horse racing fans know that the Breeder's Cup World Championship was run in LA this year at Santa Anita. This was the first time that the same track has hosted the event in consecutive years, as we had it here last year for the event's 25th anniversary. Horses pass through LAX regularly, although we usually don't get to see them from the tower. I spotted these horse boxes being unloaded from a KLM flight the week before the Cup.

Quite some time ago, I mentioned that Cathay Pacific had started bringing B777's into LAX, but bemoaned the fact that at the time they were only here after dark. Well, no more:

More recently, Japan Air has also started showing up in B777's. Like Cathay, we're still seeing B747's as well - for now anyway.

Today is Veterans Day in the US, as well as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day in other parts of the world. I want to thank all of those who have served and those who are serving now. And for everybody else: Fly your flag today and thank a vet!

File:United States Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Day 2009 poster.jpg


  1. Perhaps you should make it clear that you are not painting the bedroom pink,but rather correcting the pinkness of the bedroom with paint of another color.

  2. Not only is the bedroom pink, but it has sherbert-green trim! And the entire closet too! Sheesh - Even I'm not that colorblind! It may take two coats of primer just to tone it down enough for the new paint to have a chance . . .