Friday, August 31, 2018

New Horizon

For over a decade, Horizon Airlines has operated at LAX exclusively with the Dash 8. Also known as the Q400, this 76-seat turboprop was originally developed by deHavilland Canada and is now being produced by Bombardier. A couple of years ago, Horizon announced that the Embraer 175 would be added to the fleet, and this week they began to appear at LAX:

The E175 has the same number of seats (76) as the Dash 8, but in a three-class arrangement as opposed to the single-class seating in the Dash 8. The plane spotters among you may have noticed that we already have E175s in Alaska colors at LAX; however until this week those were all operated by SkyWest.

And, for those of you playing the home game: There's something somewhat unusual happening in the shot of the Dash 8; can you spot what it is?


  1. The spoilers are activated. This is normal when the aircraft is in flight mode and still on the ground. The spoilers will retract once the power is increased above idle +12.

  2. Taking off from 24R instead of left? Was at LAX late Thursday night (0100 Friday actually) and saw the big lighted X on the field. More repairs?

  3. Take-off on 24R which during normal flow mainly accepts arrivals.