Monday, April 16, 2018

Construction update: D8 and Terminal 1.5

The big construction news at LAX is the on-going construction of a new terminal and the continuing reconstruction of one of the runways. But there's more than that; Southwest is still busy renovating Terminal One and construction has begun on a connector between Terminals One and Two. This has been designated Terminal 1.5, although there are no new gates associated with it. The opening shot was taken on New Years Day, 2018. The following shot was taken about two weeks later:

The next shot was taken in February. In it, we can see that some of the new concrete is in place for Gate 14, while the wall between Terminals One and Two has been breached:

The fourth and fifth shots were taken three weeks apart; the opening shot in late March, and the lower one in mid April. In just that short time span, you can see that Southwest is nearly done with Gate 14, and the temporary baggage sorting tent in what used to be Gate 4 has been taken away. Meanwhile, in March we lost Gate 21B (as seen above in shot #4), but then regained it in April at the expense of losing Gate 23:

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  1. Please keep posting photos, I've been supplying a specialty construction material for the new terminal and don't have plans to visit anytime soon.