Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Full Moon Rising

Last week's Hunter's moon rose up right between the north and south finals into LAX. 
Special credit goes to UW for catching this photo!


  1. Nice photo! I was fortunate to capture a daytime picture looking east during a tower visit earlier this year and it has become my go-to desktop background. Thanks for choosing to share your observations and images -- it's appreciated by this low-time private with a mighty C172!

    1. You're lucky that we didn't put you to work while you were here! The tower's view to the east can be pretty impressive when the air is clear. Then there are the times that we can't even see downtown.

      It's hard to go wrong with a C172. It doesn't do anything really well, but it's okay at most things. The Captainvector air farce is a beater C172. One of my current trainees is a Cherokee driver, so we trade barbs while everyone else talks fantasy football.

      Thanks for stopping by!