Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Not another "What's wrong with this picture?"

I was going to use this for another "What's wrong with this picture?" post, but apparently it was a slow news day and so the incident received national media coverage. This is how it appeared from the tower.

Some media links:


Air Transport World



My News LA


  1. My kid used to work for World Wide and when he went to get badged at LAWA the first thing they told them about driving was that those big machines with wings had the right of way. I read that the LAAP did their report and gave it to the NTSB but weren't releasing it to the public. I wonder if the scimitar wing tip caught the top of the truck and tipped it over. If the truck was over the line at Charlie, then it's his fault. Hope the injured will heal and lessons learned.

  2. The 'word' on another site mentioned that, due to congestion, the truck wasn't able to pull forward as he may have done normally. Also, it doesn't hurt a First Officer's career progression to yell into the voice recorder mic "It doesn't look good to me, Captain" every once in a while. :-) The F/O was probably busy. At the airline I flew for, we weren't allowed to call Ramp control until we were clear of all runways, sometimes to the consternation of the ground controller.