Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's wrong with this picure revealed

Whoops! Somebody lost their luggage - right in the middle of the taxiway. Actually, I believe that this particular cargo container is empty, and got blown off a transport. If you look at the far left edge of this photo, you'll see the windsock is extended straight out. Most airport windsocks require fifteen knots (28 km/h) of wind to fully straighten out like this. Additionally, observe the direction the windsock is pointing and the location on the airport. The sock is showing almost a direct crosswind, and this location is at the southern end of the taxiways that pass along the backside (west side) of the TBIT - the one place in this part of the airport where a north-south wind is unobstructed by buildings. The other possibility of course is that jet blast from a passing aircraft did the deed, also completely conceivable in that location. Many planes come across at taxiway Tango, which is the taxiway that the two catering trucks are crossing in this photo. The wind did blow the container partway across the taxiway, as when it was first reported the container was on the taxiway centerline. Either way, it look the better part of ten minutes for someone to come claim their lost container, during which time taxiway Bravo was blocked -- to the disappointment of the Skywest E175 seen in the first shot, who had an open gate waiting for it.

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  1. Very interesting. I did not even notice that in the original photo.
    Thanks for coming back. Looking forward to more great pics and reader challenges. I know I speak for many when I say you were missed. Hope things are getting better on the work front.