Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dreamliner comparo

This line-up of departures waiting for runway 24 Left seemed like a perfect opportunity to show the Dreamliner's size in relation to other common airliners. From the left: United B757-300; Virgin America A319; United B787-8; Southwest B737-700 (about to touch down on Runway 24 Left); Delta B767-300; Delta (Compass) E170 (pulled up to the runway); Virgin America A320 (on the concrete pad). Meanwhile, in the foreground at Terminal Two, from the lower left: AeroMexico  Connect (Costera) E145 at gate 22; Volaris A320 at 24A; TACA A321 at 26; Air China B777-300 at gate 25; WestJet B737-700 at gate 21. Over at Terminal One, the two Southwest jets on gates 12 and 14 both appear to be B737-700s. This shot is also kinda neat in that it has a representative of each of the Boeing commercial twin-jet families: B737, B757, B767, B777, B787. And no, I didn't forget the B717, I just don't consider it a Boeing product. It's an MD95 with a Boeing nametag, and we don't get any of them here anymore anyway.

Speaking of Boeing twin-jets, here's another shot that shows all the heavy Boeing twins:

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