Thursday, November 13, 2014

Where are they now?

Last month, a regular visitor to ye olde blog left a comment asking about the still-born series (Who's who: ) that looked at the airlines at each of LAX's terminals. The answer is that I had the poor sense of timing to attempt such a series just as LAX started playing a game of musical terminal assignments. Case in point: US Airways. At the outset of the series, back in February, US Airways flew out of Terminal One. Within a month, they had relocated to Terminal Three. Now, after spending less than a year there, US Airways has relocated again, this time to Terminal Six. This move puts US Airways on the same side of the terminal complex as merger partner American, who operates out of Terminal Four. US Airways moved into four gates United relinquished; these were gates that United had acquired with the merger with Continental.

Other changes that have happened or are in the works:
  • Air China will be moving from Terminal Two to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT)
  • Air France has finished consolidating their operations at the TBIT
  • Air New Zealand will also be moving to the TBIT
  • AirTran has been subsumed by Southwest and has virtually disappeared from the scene at LAX
  • KLM has moved to the TBIT
  • Virgin Australia, who bounced from Terminals Three, Two, and Five, has landed at the TBIT
There are doubtless many others, but those are some of the ones that come readily to mind. Stay tuned: When the dust settles, we'll continue a terminal-by-terminal look at who flies at LAX.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Looks like you will able to get more shots on the south east side of TBIT soon. I saw a fiji air parked at 155 on the LAX cam