Thursday, June 19, 2014


Often, I show you shots of something newly seen at LAX, but today I'll note a couple of passages. Malaysian Airlines was already in financial straits before flight 370 disappeared, and pulled out of Los Angeles at the end of April. The opening shot is one of their last flights out. 

Another sight to be seen no longer at LAX is American's B767-200s. American has been using the B762 as a staple of its JFK-LAX service, but the new A321s have taken its place. The last American B762 at LAX left here for the boneyard last month -- I don't have any photos of that one because I worked it out; the shot above is one of their last arrivals at LAX. I selected this shot specifically for all of you who like to look at the airplanes in the background!


  1. Thanks Captain Vector for the beautiful photos of the heavy American and Malaysia airline planes. My last flight with Malaysia was back in December 2006 and it was the Boeing 747 however.
    Wow ! Frys has it's own cargo jet I suppose.

  2. Fry's corporate charter to transport the San Jose Sharks and San Jose Sabercats!