Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Boxing Day!

When I saw this cloud formation, it made me think of a jellyfish. Or the starship Enterprise.


  1. I'll go with the Enterprise. My kids are always trying to tell me how big things would be in space. I can't even conceive of how big the ISS is. We've had our nice weather, lets get back to cold nights, foggy days and winter.
    People now days don't remember the good old foggy days of Christmas when flying to LA could mean landing in Ontario and taking a wonderful bus to LAX and finding your luggage not there as a bonus. Thank God systems have improved and ILS means follow the dancing red dot to the runway.
    Hope your holidays are peaceful and there's not too much traffic to contend with.

    PS: How can they let that guy plead not guilty when he was seen doing the deed? I will till I read more law books, never understand the reasoning. If he gets the death penalty he'll be sitting in San Quentin till he's old. If he gets life w/o parole, same thing. Plead it out and save everyone the trauma of a trail. (the angry bunny)

    1. On the size of things in space: I recently passed through Houston's Hobby airport, and there is a model of the ISS on display there. The model is suspended end-to-end over an American football field, and it is fully as long. I bet it doesn't feel that big after you've spent a month cooped up inside of it though!